Wednesday Is For Lovers - Blossoms and Alyeska

Not content with Valentine's Day and half-price candy, we have a pair of fully sugared confections for today's #WednesdayIsForLovers feature. First up we have "Honey Sweet" by Blossoms, a five-piece from Greater Manchester. Quick flashes of seminal album covers from The Human League, The Smiths and others serve a prelude to this cinematically 80s video. Steeped in the sweetly funky electropop of Level 42, this song also owes a debt of gratitude to Keane's shimmering Perfect Symmetry. 

Next up we have this syncopated carnival ride from Alyeska, the LA-based project of singer-songwriter Alaska Reid. It's all gauzy sunlight at the county fair, fuzzy Pixies-esque guitar and breathy speak-singing a la Tanya Donnelly, a love letter to adolescent crushes and the 90s.