#Tubesday - The Japanese House and Halycine

Today's #Tubesday videos come from a pair of pseudonymous women crafting dreamy, often dark, pop.

First up we have The Japanese House, the stage name of 21 year-old Briton Amber Bain. If you missed her set at DC9 last month, you'll have another chance to catch her at the Rock & Roll Hotel in March 2017. The song has the laconic pacing and slightly inscrutable lyrics of an XX number, and Bain's voice (and vocal manipulation) is eerily reminiscent of a young Imogen Heap. This slow burner is a major leap forward for this young artist, and I'm curious to see where she goes next.

Next up we have "Elixir" from Halycine, the new project from former Blue & Gold singer and guitarist Chloe Raynes. The opening guitar lick channels The Yeah Yeah Yeah's "Maps", but the most obvious inspiration for this song is the Dum Dum Girls. No word yet on tour dates in the area, but I'll keep you posted as soon as I find out anything.