#Tubesday - Black Honey and Emily Estefan

Our first #Tubesday video is "Hello Today", the debut from UK's Black Honey. Frontwoman Izzy B. Phillips is a little Shirley Manson and a lot Debbie Harry, and this cinematic pastiche recalls the work of Peckinpah and Tarantino. This is the first single following their Headspin EP earlier this year. No word yet on a full-length release or a US tour, but this band is one to watch.

Black Honey on MetroMusicScene
Courtesy of Charlotte Patmore

Next up is "Reigns (every night)", the new single and video from Miami's Emily Estefan. Let's just get it out of the way — she's Gloria and Emilio's daughter, but her sound is entirely her own. More Emily King than Miami Sound Machine, this bass-driven soul number is the kind of smart, sexy, and self-assured number I would expect from a Berklee grad like Estefan. Her debut LP, Whatever You Want, comes out in February 2017.