Wednesday Weekend Concert Preview - Now With More Awesome

Ready to get a jump start on your weekend? We're previewing a trio of concerts, starting tomorrow, to ease your transition from business to party mode...minus the mullet, of course.

Our first preview is for local human rights lawyer, songwriter, and blog alum Peter Maybarduk. He has a new-ish project, Notaries Public, which extends his power pop sound in new directions with the addition of co-vocalist Emily Crockett. Her velvety mezzo-soprano surrounds and bolsters his smoky, breathy tenor.

They're playing the Phillips After 5 event tomorrow evening at The Phillips Collection. This event is a popular one in the collection's programming calendar, so don't delay in making a reservation if you want to catch it (provided it hasn't already sold out).

Notaries Public at Phillips After 5 on MetroMusicScene
At the Seaside by William Merritt Chase

On Friday night we have local synth-pop duo Broke Royals playing the Rock and Roll Hotel. Their uptempo polyrhythms recall the shimmering alt-synths of Imagine Dragons and the sonorous vocal harmonies of Bastille. This is their last show in DC this summer, so catch them while you can!

Finally, we have SoCal indie rockers HUNNY at DC9 on Sunday night. Their sound, a heaping scoop of synth-pop with a dollop of post-punk, channels the theatrical bent of The Cure through the postmodern sensibilities of Clap Your Hands Say Yeah and the Cold War Kids. This song, "Vowels (and the Importance of Being Me)", belies the pathos underpinning a lyric like "you can't spell pain or kiss or run away or little mistake without me or A, E, I, O, U" with a melody so catchy I'd wager you're jamming at your desk listening to it.

How could I neglect to include the exploding-if-the-speedometer-drops-below-50-Noo-Joizy-nuclear-powered-musical-party-bus known as The Everymen? Fronted by the boundless Catherine Herrick, with whom I had the pleasure of occasionally corresponding when she worked as a publicist for Beggars/Matador, this band sounds like the love child of Titus Andronicus and Animal House's Otis Day and the Knights. They're playing Velvet Lounge on Friday in support of their new record, These Mad Dogs Need Heroes, out now on the Ernest Jenning Record Company. Check out a track from their new release, as well as a video love letter to all things Garden State.