MMS Concert Preview - Banks & Steels at 9:30 Club August 31

The famed Chicago poet Carl Sandburg wrote, "I am stone and steel of your sleeping numbers;
I remember all you forget. I will die as many times as you make me over again." That spirit of rebirth, of reinvention and reincarnation, lies at the heart of our latest concert preview. Banks & Steelz is the collaboration between Paul Banks, the bandleader of New York indie powerhouse Interpol, and the multi-hyphenated RZA - author, actor, Wu-Tang rapper, producer, and de facto leader. This genre-bending pair seamlessly meld the muscular post-modernism that's a trademark of Banks' sound with RZA's bombastic middle-brown flow. The rapper simultaneously goes high and low, referencing NWO conspiracy theories in the same breath as a lament against human-caused environmental destruction.

You can catch this dynamic duo at the 9:30 Club this Wednesday. Tickets are still available, and doors open at 7pm.

Banks & Steelz on MetroMusicScene
Photo courtesy of Atiba Jefferson & Warner Bros. Records