Tubesday - 9:30 Club Edition

DC's own 9:30 Club is 36 years old, opening its doors on this day in 1980. The Lounge Lizards and Tiny Desk Unit, featuring NPR Music's Bob Boilen, played the first shows at the venue, then located at 9:30 F St NW. If you missed their World's Fair Exhibition earlier this year, you can experience the glory of it courtesy of Vimeo.

I've gathered a selection of videos, some professionally shot and others for whom the description "bootleg" might be generous, that attempt to capture the breadth of spirit and energy that the club has channeled over the years.

Our first selection features DC punk icons Minor Threat at the original 9:30 Club. Minor Threat was one of the early in a series of bands fronted by Fugazi and Dischord Records co-founder Ian MacKaye. The provenance of this video is unknown (to me), but the recording is surprisingly high quality despite its age.

Next up is an upload of a concert DVD by Thievery Corporation, the District's godfathers of world-tinged electronica. Their concerts are a musical carnival, featuring a mix of recorded beats, live instruments, and layered vocals.

We have a fan recording of Adele covering the Cure's "Lovesong" during her set in May of 2011. Although the venue may be a bit small for her audiences these days, the 9:30 Club has served as an important stepping stone for artists of all stripes as they grew in popularity.

Finally, we have a recording of Sleater-Kinney's volcanic reunion show last February. The band demonstrated that they hadn't lost a step, despite their nearly decade-long hiatus, powering through new songs and old favorites.

Happy Birthday, Nightclub 9:30! May the next 36 years be as amazing and off-the-wall as the previous 36 have been.