New Music Monday - San Fermin and Frightened Rabbit

We kick off #NewMusicMonday with a live video of San Fermin performing their new single, "No Devil", at Luna Music in Indianapolis. The song takes the listener on a journey, as our singer and erstwhile protagonist laments lost opportunities, paths not taken, and potential squandered. He drives "all night through the desert" and "further than the roads go", his spiritual journey concomitant with a physical search for meaning and answers. He travels aimlessly from destination to destination, the futility of his wandering accompanied by the gradual realization that the devil against which he railed wasn't some external force, but an intrinsic failing within. San Fermin plays this Friday at Baltimore's Ottobar with Esme Patterson.

Next up we have "Get Out", the second single from Frightened Rabbit's new LP, Painting Of A Panic Attack. The Glaswegians are simultaneously at their most abstruse and their most personal in this song about loving someone you simply can't leave behind. The video, set against a backdrop of abstract sculptures in Ukraine, is as evocative as lyrics that analogize loving someone to an overdose. Frightened Rabbit play the 9:30 Club on May 8 with Brooklyn synth-pop outfit Caveman.

Frightened Rabbit at MetroMusicScene