Are you reggae for a Wedfunksday dance party? Fort Knox Five & Easy Star All-Stars

I know, I know, that may be the cheesiest headline I've written in all the years I've contributed to MMS. Gimme a break. In case you didn't hear the news, DC's own Fort Knox Five had a new album, Pressurize the Cabin, drop last week. Ensure your tray tables are in their locked and upright position, because this flight is about to get funky. Take a listen to the title track, featuring Vokab Kompany.

Fort Knox Five on MetroMusicScene
Photo of Fort Knox Five by John Shore
Next up on our playlist are the Easy Star All-Stars, the band best know for Dub Side of the Moon, a reggae and dub-styled recreation of Pink Floyd's classic psychedelic epic. They'll be rolling through the DMV for a trio of local shows - tomorrow at the Tally Ho in Leesburg, Friday at The 8x10 in Baltimore, and Saturday at Gypsy Sally's. We'll leave you with a video of 'Breathe' from a special anniversary edition of DSotM.