Free Music Friday - New Year's Edition

Happy New Year!

Time marches on inexorably, and the old year gives way to the new. In honor of the coming New Year, I bring you a pair of tracks to help you celebrate the event (and its aftermath).

The first track in this New Year's edition of Free Music Friday is from the Dutch band Silence Is Sexy. Their jangly, dreamy take on 'New Year's Eve' is like that first sip of champagne, the bubbles going straight to your brain.

Next up is the shambolic indie psychedelia of Mid-State Orange. Sounding like a mashup of Yo La Tengo and the Silversun Pickups, this track captures the lurching, seasick state of overindulgence that accompanies the New Year for many. I can't find any ongoing music from this group, and it appears their leader abandoned his musical career to become a criminal defense lawyer. That said, it's a fun track from a band who exhibited great, if unfulfilled, promise.

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I'll see you on the Flip Side in 2015 with a brand new Free Music Friday!