Free Music Friday - 'Petal' by Broke for Free

Broke for Free is the brainchild and bedroom music project of Tom Cascino, a multidisciplinary artist from Oakland who graduated from UC Santa Cruz. His minimal yet upbeat electronica reminds me of Podington Bear, the ursine alter ego of Hush Records honcho Chad Crouch. It's a foot-tapping, head-nodding, mostly instrumental good time, catchy like the indietronica of Owl City.

Today's edition of #FreeMusicFriday includes Broke for Free's Petal, which was released in June of this year. My favorite tracks include 'Golden Hour', 'Add And', and 'Heart Ache', but I urge you to listen to all of the tracks to find your favorites.

Please support the good work of the Free Music Archive and the artists who release their work through the project. Petal is licensed under Creative Commons, and is available for download via the FMA or purchase via Broke for Free's Bandcamp page.