I Burned Down a Picture of a House…

Singer/songwriter Robert Francis was an unexpected surprise last night, opening up for KT Tunstall. He took the stage by himself, looking pretty scraggly, wearing a shirt that looked like it’d been on his back for five days straight. But no matter, as soon as he started playing, that was forgotten. Even with just a guitar, his songs packed an intimate emotional punch, kind of like Joseph Arthur, and his raspy voice was able to soar or dive into grittiness, depending on what was needed.

I’d never heard of him before, but apparently he does a lot of touring in Europe, and he does pretty well there. “I’ve got, like, a number one hit in France, but when I come home I sleep on my parents’ floor,” he said. “They’ve painted my room pink…And filled it with stuffed animals.”

I'd definitely like to see him again, especially accompanied by the six-piece band he usually tours with.