Olivia Mancini & The Mates Return to the Black Cat

Back in September singer/songwriter Olivia Mancini left the comfy confines of DC to attend grad school up in New York City. But this Friday, January 7th, she’s back, baby! Mancini returns for her first show since her departure, and she’ll be rocking the Black Cat with her band, The Mates.

Olivia Mancini & The Mates bring a jangly pop sound with subtly sultry vocals provided by Mancini. And she’s obviously psyched to be coming back to the area. “We're chomping at the bit and ready to blast off with some new songs, stuff from our last few records and some deep cuts that we hope will bring back some happy memories for our longtime fans,” said Mancini. “Sweet harmonies! Thumping bass! Melt-your-face guitar! Pop melodies!”

Check out their irresistibly catchy track “Easy Way” below and the video for “Graphology” above. And no, she’s not really made of clay.

MP3: Easy WayOlivia Mancini & The Mates