Words With Jesse Malin

Hailing from New York City, Jesse Malin and his Noo-Yawk accent bring the genuine, rollicking, ragged dirty rock you didn’t even know you were missing. He’s touring with a backing band, the St. Mark’s Social, in support of a new album of original material, Love it to Life, and it’s brought an added electricity and intensity to his performance. Check him out this Sunday (9/12) at DC9, and check out my email interview with him below:

A lot of acts distinctly take on the character of their hometown. How do you recognize a New York City flavor in your songs?
I've been born and bred in New York City–been playing music here since I was a snotty little kid. It's a transient town, it's a town, as Woody Allen says, "a dying city," but I see it more as a cat that has many, many lives. A lot of my songs deal with renaissance, redemption & the phoenix act. New York is a great backdrop and metaphor for the cycles.

Describe your music in three words using all nouns.
Lovers, leavers & believers.

On your previous tour, you came through the area acoustic guitar in hand, but for this album tour, it looks like you’ve revved things up with a rocking band behind you. Were you looking for an energy boost?
I dig the energy I get playing acoustic, but I like the gang-like feelings of being in a band. St. Marks Social gives a little bit more rhythm to my blues, plus we have Todd Youth on guitar.

Do you have any favorite tracks in particular off of the new album? (It’s OK, I won’t let the other songs know.)
Songs are like your kids–you love them all, but some days other ones treat you better. Today I'm feeling "Revelations," "All The Way From Moscow," and "Disco Ghetto."

What do you want to leave the audience thinking after your set this Sunday night?
That life can be hard & dark & sometimes seem meaningless, but the music and the gathering of people together connecting, even for a couple of crazy hours, can help celebrate this discontent, striving to make the most out of this mortal experience. Make shit happen, give love, get love, live outside the main. Do it now. PMA (positive mental attitude).

MP3: All the Way from MoscowJesse Malin and the St. Marks Social