A Case of the Fridays - Tuesday Edition

We kick things off this week with “Love Will Find You” by Findlay Brown (above). The Brits are liking things old school these days, and Brown obliges with his Stax-infused instrumentation and Roy Orbison-esque vocals. I wonder if he’ll be able to bring a full band around on tour, so I’m curious how he’ll sound if he has a stripped down accompaniment. If you like what you hear, Findlay Brown will be at The Red & The Black in DC this Friday, January 22nd.

And we close things out with “She Does,” by
Locksley. They’re originally out of Madison, WI, but now they hail from Brooklyn, where all the cool kids are from these days. Clocking in under two minutes, this Jet-esque track is complete with Kinky, riffy guitars and fuzzed out solos – and best of all – it’s irresistibly-catchy. If you like what you hear, check them out at IOTA in Arlington, VA this Thursday, January 21st.

MP3: She Does - Locksley


Brian G Flores said…
I'm also kind of reminded of Raul Malo & the Mavericks...this is very cool. Love to see that big 60s sound return.