A Case of the Fridays (Monday Edition)

We kick off an early edition of A Case of the Fridays with “Autumn” from Sparks the Rescue (above). Yup, I’ve still jonesing for power-pop, and this track is providing my fix this week, with those tightly-harmonized irresistibly-catchy choruses. If you like what you hear, they’ll be at Jammin Java in Vienna, VA, this Tuesday, August 5th.

MP3: AutumnSparks the Rescue

And we close out this week’s entry with some Gary Jules. Now he might be well-known for his cover of Tears For Fears’ “Mad World,” but he does have songs of his own, and chances are he’ll be performing quite a few of those this Saturday, August 8th at Jammin Java.

MP3: Mad WorldGary Jules and Michael Andrews