Not If You Were the Last Dandy on Earth...

Frequent Dandy Warhol collaborators, sometime friends, and occasional antagonists The Brian Jonestown Massacre bring their neo-psychedelic brand of world-tinged rock to the 9:30 Club tonight. The BJM is the brainchild of Anton Newcombe, a profilic multi-instrumentalist whose famous talent and infamously difficult personality are somewhat legendary in the music industry. Probably best known for being profiled in Ondi Timoner's 2004 documentary DiG!, the BJM is one band not to miss, if for nothing else than the chance to witness bedlam break out onstage.

All joking aside, the BJM is one fantastically talented band and a compelling spectacle, filtering shoegaze, late 60s psychedelia, and late 70s post-punk/New Wave into a sonic assault that incorporates influences and instruments from around the world. Newcombe allegedly plays upwards of 80 instruments, and is involved in everything from playing to mixing and engineering his compositions. Courtney Taylor of the Dandies credits Anton with pushing him creatively during their bands' intertwined early years, and notable alums of the BJM include Black Rebel Motorcycle Club's Peter Hayes. Longtime BJM members Matt Hollywood and Joel "Spokesman of the Revolution" Gion are expected to be among the band's touring lineup.

Photo courtesy of the band