A Case of the Fridays

It’s been freaking cold outside all week. So why not get warm by rocking out at a few shows? Let’s kick things off with The Gay Blades’ track “He She Says.” The lead singer’s got a vaguely English 80s vocal thing going, and he really hits his stride in the chorus, where the beat takes over from the angular guitar riffs and things get quite catchy. And as bonus, I give you the Dmerit remix of “O Shot” – the funky synth lines and beats really give the song a kick. If you like what you’re hearing, catch them live at DC9 Monday, November 24th.

MP3: He She SaysThe Gay Blades
BONUS MP3: O Shot (Dmerit Remix)The Gay Blades

And we close out things with “Cinders” by Meow Vs. Meow. It’s pulsing indie rock with buzzing, jagged guitars and drums coursing through its veins. If you like what you hear, they’ll be at the Velvet Lounge Friday, November 21st.

MP3: CindersMeow Vs. Meow


Anonymous said…
Ha ha ha. That's awesome. Meow Vs Meow has to be the best band name ever!