A Case of the Fridays

Well, another week has rolled around, and it’s time for another case. We’ll kick off things this week with “La Conchita” by State College’s The Rustlanders (above). It’s got a stripped-down Jayhawks-esque alt-country twang to it, with a pretty tasteful arrangement. If you like what you hear, The Rustlanders will be at The Red & The Black in DC on Thursday, October 30th.

MP3: La ConchitaThe Rustlanders

And then we close out with Matthew Sweet’s “We’re The Same.” It might not be “Girlfriend,” but it’s good power pop along the lines Fountains of Wayne w/ smartly melodic guitar lines and Sweet harmonies. If you like what you hear, Matthew Sweet will be at the State Theatre in Falls Church, VA Wednesday, October 29th.

MP3: We’re The SameMatthew Sweet