A Case of the Fridays

Yeah, it’s a bit last-minute, but we kick things off this week with Theresa Andersson’s “Birds Fly Away.” It’s got a light and shimmery summer Motown vibe to it, with some nice percussion and neo-soul vocal stylings. If you like what you hear, Andersson (above) will be at DC9 Saturday, August 23rd.

MP3: Birds Fly AwayTheresa Andersson

And we close things out with “Sincerely, Jane” by Janelle Monae. She’s got some big vocals, old-school style, and the track mashes together many genres, R&B, soul, hip-hop, with some nice horn accents, and I’m sure you can find a few more. Anyway, if you like what you hear, she’ll be at IOTA Tuesday, August 26th.

MP3: Sincerely, JaneJanelle Monae