A Case of the Fridays - Early Edition

It’s been a busy July so far, at least for some people, and we lead off with “What Should Have Been,” by Amy Sullivan & The Whiskey Darlings (above). It’s a sad, beautiful song good for shedding an alt-country tear in your beer and remembering those who aren’t around anymore. Love the string/pedal steel arrangements that tug on the heartstrings and delicate harmonies on the choruses. If you like what you hear, she’ll be at IOTA in Arlington Friday, July 25th.

MP3: What Should Have BeenAmy Sullivan & The Whiskey Darlings

And then we close out with Flo Anito’s “No Good.” It’s warm and jazzy, full of piano and bluesy organ fills, with lyrical phrasing that lazily wraps around the lines, creating a nice smoky atmosphere. You can catch her across the river at the The Red & The Black in DC Friday, July 25th.

MP3: No GoodFlo Anito