A Case of the Fridays

And…we’re back for another edition, kicking off with a very boppy track from The Bloodsugars, “Bloody Mary.” It’s poppy, it’s got a nice beat (you can dance to it), and it’s got some sweet synth lines. If you like what you hear, they’ll be at the Metro Gallery in Baltimore this Saturday, June 7th.

MP3: Bloody MaryThe Bloodsugars

And we close out this week with another uptempo number, “Make Some Sense,” from De Novo Dahl (pictured above). The sad lyrics contradict music that’s giddy and catchy, building to choruses that swell with keyboards. These guys (and one girl) put on a high-octane live show with some snazzy outfits – so if you like what you hear, De Novo Dahl will be in town at the Rock and Roll Hotel Wednesday June 11th.

MP3: Make Some Sense - De Novo Dahl