A Case of the Fridays - Monday Edition

First up this week, we’ve got Augustana’s track, “Sweet and Low.” Simply put, it’s beautiful, majestic pop with soaring vocals – kind of like harder-edged version of The Fray. Anyway, if you like what you hear, they’ll be at the 9:30 Club this Thursday, May 22nd, which leads us to …

MP3: Sweet and Low - Augustana

…Our second track, “Decimate,” from David Ford, who’ll be opening up for Augustana. It’s kind of like bouncy David Gray (yeah, David Ford’s from across the pond, too), with rhythmic verses and sweeping, well-orchestrated choruses. He’s also got some very cool one-take videos of him playing songs live in a studio, looping individual layers of instruments and vocals – like this one of “Go To Hell.”

MP3: DecimateDavid Ford