A Case of the Fridays - Monday Edition

A Case of the Fridays is on Monday again, but we’ll just roll with that. We kick off this week with Lucky Day’s track “Why’d You Have To Go.” It’s sweet-sounding female vocal-voiced wispy pop, complete with ethereal piano fills – and it goes down like a cool glass of lemonade on a lazy summer’s evening. If you like what you hear, they’ve got their CD release party at IOTA in Arlington this Friday, May 16th.

MP3: Why’d You Have To GoLucky Day

And we close out this week with “Metal Heavy Lady,” from Lions. It’s pretty much the opposite of the previous track – we’re talking dirty, pulsing, riffy guitar rock that gets your head bobbing...with vocals that don’t sound too different from Kid Rock giving it his Bawitaba best. No fizzy lemonade here - shots of Jack Daniels at 1AM. So if this is more your speed, Lions will be at Rock and Roll Hotel in DC Friday, May 16th.

MP3: Metal Heavy Lady - Lions