A Case of the Fridays - Monday Edition

I’ve fallen behind a bit on Case of the Fridays, so here’s a bonus edition for y’all. Band names are traditionally the hardest thing to come up with, but Brooklynites New York Times just literally ripped one from the headlines…errr…the masthead. Their track below, “Monster Eyes,” is classic rock diluted into the tasty basics - sinister riffs and wailing female vengeance. They’ll be at the Velvet Lounge this Saturday, May 10th.

MP3: Monster EyesNew York Times

And then we’ve got a track “Ha Ha Ha” from another Brooklyn band, the nu-punkers Team Robespierre (above). They’ve got the snotty vocals, hooks, and high-energy thrashy guitars down pat. And then they topped them off with synths to increase the dance quotient (or to increase the potential for causing seizures). Either way, it’s a swirling extravaganza of sorts. They’ll be at Black Cat this Wednesday, May 7th. Take a listen.

MP3: Ha Ha HaTeam Robespierre