A Case of the Fridays

It’s icy out, so why not listen to a couple songs until things melt? First up this week is “Your Call” from Secondhand Serenade. It’s sweeping emo-pop, in the same vein as classic Dashboard Confessional, building from a simple acoustic beginning to reach glorious crescendos. Interestingly enough, Secondhand Serenade, like DC, is a “band” made up of one guy, John Vesely. Secondhand Serenade will be at Jammin Java Tuesday, February 25th.

MP3: Your Call - Secondhand Serenade

And we close out the week with the instrumental (why not?) band, Russian Circles’ track “Death Rides A Horse.” It explodes out of the gate with some ferocious guitar licks, and things take off from there. They keep things interesting with tempo changes and different parts, almost like a moody progressive metal symphony. These guys (above) will be at the Rock and Roll Hotel Wednesday, February 27th. Most likely you’ll need earplugs.

MP3: Death Rides A HorseRussian Circles

Photo by Ryan Russell