The Sweet Sixteen: My Favorite Tracks of 2007 (#1-5)

Alright, and now for my favorite five tracks of the year, more or less...

5. For Science FictionMaritime
It’s nice and punchy pop (love those drums and vox), with just a touch of spiritualality...or a questioning thereof.

4. UmbrellaScott Simons
I’ll take Simons’ mellower, electronic rendition of the precipitation shelter over Rhianna’s version. It’s easier to appreciate the beauty of the song’s lyrics and melody, and I also like how he reduces that certain vocal tic into more of an echo-echo-echo…

3. JoniJulian Velard
I’ve been digging Julian Velard’s smoky baritone and keyboard stylings a bunch this year, and “Joni” is no exception - it’s a wonderful piece of pop, complete with quirky arrangements and lyrics that keep you listening.

2. Love SongSara Bareilles
It’s piano pop perfection with Sara Bareilles' amazing vocals. One listen, and you’ll be singing it in your head all day.

1. StrongerKanye West
Kanye brings us hip-hop from the future by way of a Daft Punk sample from the past. And a pretty tacky pair of white shades. It’s slammin’. My top single of the year.