The Sweet Sixteen: My Favorite Tracks of 2007 (#11-16)

You didn't think I could go without some sort of year-end music countdown did you? I'll be doing a three-part countdown of my favorite tracks of 2007. Here's numbers 11-16, in descending order, of course:

16. Everybody Always LeavesMatthew Ryan
He creates a mood of cold darkness with his lyrics and vocals, and somhow integrates it well with the electronic beats. And then those female vocals in the chorus provide a wonderful lift to the song, as well as a superb counterpoint to Ryan’s sandpapery voice.

15. Chase This LightJimmy Eat World
I’m just a sucker for the grandeur of a Jimmy Eat World anthemic track, what can I say, and this one fits the bill quite nicely.

14. Cold Cold GroundLea
There’s a Tracy Chapman-esque quality to Lea’s vocals, and the gentle, folky arrangement of “Cold Cold Ground” gives her voice room to shine.

13. Up and DownThe Chesterfield Kings
If you’re going to to do retro, this is how retro should be done - Raucous and rowdy garage rock complete with a niiice fuzzy guitar solo.

12. BubblesDizzee Rascal
Those are some some mad, overdriven, syncopated beats – and what’s he saying? Something about Nike Airs? I’m not sure, but I bloody well like it!

11. Back To BlackAmy Winehouse
Yeah, I know, she likes to party and how she won’t go to rehab. But I love the darkness of this title track’s subject matter, as well as its smoky, neo-soul vocals and groove.