Marah @ Jammin Java Friday

I’m pretty psyched that my favorite band, Marah, will be back in town this Friday at Jammin Java (VA) for a full band performance. They put on one kick-ass rock show, along the lines of Bruce and the E Streeters. I especially love their energy, and the raspy, straight-outta-Philly accented vocals of lead singer Dave Bielanko. Marah has recently expanded their lineup to six members, adding Christine Smith on keyboards and vocals. Check them rocking out on “It’s Only Money, Tyrone” here.

There’s also a lot of new Marah music on the way. The band’s got a couple of EPs coming out before the end of 2007 that will serve as nice appetizers for their new album, Angels of Destruction, that will be dropping in January 2008.

MP3: Freedom Park - Marah

photo credit: Hanna Toresson