A Case of the Fridays

Well, my server is over its limit for the month, so no songs for this week. But I can say if I could divide myself into a VA-self and DC-self, Multiplicity-style, I’d hit the IOTA and Rock & Roll Hotel shows Saturday night.

Kicking off the night at
IOTA is Getaway Car, albeit an acoustic version of the band, but I’m pretty sure the hooks should still be there, even if they’re unplugged. And I’ve been curious to see The Reserves after hearing alt-country-ish bits and pieces of their little gem of a CD. Honor By August closes out the night with their ready-for-radio modern rock.

That same night we’ll have the ultra-catchy power pop of Brooklyn’s
Hello Tokyo (above) going on at the Rock & Roll Hotel in DC. Definitely an act to catch. Though I’m not sure what to make of the accordion-powered folk-rock opener, Golem, however.