A Case of the Fridays

Warm weather is here, and it’s time to feel the heat, so we start things off with The John Butler Trio’s aptly-titled “Funky Tonight.” If you like Robert Randolph, you’ll most likely dig this track, with its burning slide guitar work over some hepped-up acoustic funkiness. It definitely moves. These guys will be at the 9:30 Club Wednesday, May 23rd, and I’m betting they can rock it.

MP3: Funky TonightThe John Butler Trio

And we close things out this week with “When I Don’t See It Coming,” by DC’s The City Veins. I really like the building sense of urgency that’s created throughout the verses with the rhythm guitar and understated, almost fragile, vocals – and then how they eventually erupt into the choruses. And the keys provide a nice touch, adding an extra layer of sound to the layered, reverberating guitars. If you like what you hear, The City Veins will be at The Red & The Black Thursday, May 24th. And don’t worry, The Office will already be in reruns by then.

MP3: When I Don’t See It ComingThe City Veins