Six Points Interview: Wes Tucker & The Skillets

Wes Tucker & The Skillets will be bringing their alt-country goodness and soulful groove to the Velvet Lounge this Friday, April 20th as part of the Six Points lineup. And Wes Tucker was kind enough to submit to a very quick email interrogation…

1. So what songs of yours do you hope will get the crowd’s feet stomping?

We've got some songs that are going on our new album that seem to be pretty good foot-stompers. We've got a new funk song called "Let Me Know" and one we've been ending with lately called "Good to Go." We just let Arch [bassist/guitarist] go nuts on that one.

2. Is Arch going to bust out the beer bottle-slide for the show?

Haha! Usually between the three guitar players we have a slide, but that one show he had to improvise. He could probably play in mittens and still sound great.

3. Any particular Six Points shows you’re looking forward to?

There's a bunch of great shows this year. I think the booking folks have done a really good job. The show at DC9 Thursday the 19th oughta be good with Lejeune, and I've been meaning to check out The Glory and The Majesty for a while now. Also really looking forward to seeing the other bands on our show, Justin Jones, Sean McArdle and Junior League. Six Points is cool because the organizers place a bunch of bands on a show that might never get to play together normally. When we're all playing gigs on the same nights most of the time, its really tough to get out and see other local acts. I think it's really good for the community of musicians in the area.