Six Points Interview: Hello Tokyo

You can check out formerly DC-based Hello Tokyo this Saturday at the Six Points Velvet Lounge show for their punchy brand of female-fronted power pop. Their irresistably catchy song “Radio” just won’t get out of my head, so lead singer/keyboardist Kat made it up to me by answering a few questions for the MMS blog…

So what’s the deal with y’all moving from DC to Brooklyn? You just wanted taxis that charged fares that made sense, didn’t you!

I have always wanted to move to New York City. I grew up in NJ admiring the NYC skyline for years. After my family left the D.C. area for Los Angeles in 2002, I started planning my move. It took a while, but I finally did it. I still loved Hello Tokyo and my bandmates, so for 2 years I took the Chinatown bus EVERY weekend for practice and gigs. I think eventually the rest of the guys missed me so they decided to move too.

So what do you miss the most (if anything) about DC?

I miss my friends a lot! I miss how quiet it is and all the Cherry Blossom trees, the museums and how easy it is to shop for groceries. I order my food online because I don’t have enough muscles to carry everything to my apartment.

Can you give us four words that hint at what you’ve got planned for your show this Saturday night?

Nakedness – Sam, our drummer, LOVES taking off his clothes for the ladies.

Any final nuggets of wisdom to pass on?

Do you mean to other musicians??....ummmm, I guess I would say..BE NICE and respectful of your fellow musicians, and don’t close yourselves off in your world of coolness.

*Download their Newell Street Re-Mixes here for free!