A Case of the Fridays

Well, for me, Friday couldn’t have gotten here quickly enough to put an end to this tiring week. So no hesitating - we kick things off with “Carolina,” by Matt Wertz. It’s a catchy folk-pop number, pulled along by Wertz’s soulful vocals and a nice little infusion of mandolin. If you’re liking what you’re hearing, check him out at the 9:30 Club this Friday, March 30th.

MP3: CarolinaMatt Wertz

And then we close things out with Kristoffer Ragnstam’s “Breakfast By The Mattress.” Easily one of my favorite song titles ever, by the way. It’s quirky and funky herky-jerky indie pop, but it comes together in the choruses, and you’ll end up singing along. He’ll be in town this Sunday, April 1st, at IOTA. Seriously.

MP3: Breakfast By The MattressKristoffer Ragnstam