A Case of the Fridays

Another week is complete, so let us commence with the music. First off we have a new selection from Daniel Lee, with “Elixir.” He’s one of my favorite vocalists in the singer-songwriter genre, with soulful, breathy vocals. And his funky guitar work is top-notch. Though his award-winning song-structure is often non-conventional, I'm really digging the urgent verses and swaggering choruses of "Elixir." Take a listen.

MP3: ElixirDaniel Lee

And we close out this week with a special video selection from the Man in Black. This video from MTV for the fire and brimstone stomp “God’s Gonna Cut You Down” (American V) rolls out an varied assortment of celebrities and musicians against forboding stark black & white settings. Where else can you see Bono, Brian Wilson, Jay-Z, Kate Moss, Billy Gibbons, and Iggy Pop (among many others) together in one video?