A Case of the Fridays

The workweek is almost over, and we’ll soon be seeing just how loud the boos will be in Philly when T.O. takes the field this Sunday. But until then, we’ll start with “When The Creepers Creep In,” by The Village Green. It’s driving indie rock with some cool layered vocals and a nice little build-up on the chorus. And it’s got “Creepers” in the song title. If you like what you hear, these Oregonians will be playing The Red & The Black on Tuesday, October 10th.

MP3: When The Creepers Creep InThe Village Green

And we conclude this week with “Everything About You,” by Steve Poltz. It might come off as a bit sappy, with its lush arrangement and swooping strings (and are those bagpipes?), but I think it works. If you like what you hear, Steve Poltz will be at IOTA this coming Monday night, October 9th.

MP3: Everything About YouSteve Poltz