Eight Questions With Birdmonster

Birdmonster is currently touring across the nation, spreading their indie-rock w/ a touch of country punk in a van named “The Donald.” They’ll be at the Black Cat Monday, September 4th, and they were kind enough to answer some questions via email for us DC-Metro folk…

1. Which of you is the best driver?

That would be Zach, our drummer.

2. What are the secret origins or your band’s name, Birdmonster?

It's Peter's father's maiden name.

3. Characterize your music in three words or less using no verbs.

The cat's pajamas

4. Who are y’all’s biggest influences? (in Virginia,“y’alls” are permitted)

-Anyone with a beard
-The Russian River

5. What do you hope people will take away from your live show?


6. You’re pretty web-savvy, with a
kick-ass blog – so what are some of your favorite web sites?


7. What are a few CDs that y’all can heartily agree on for a cross-country sing-along drive in the van? Feel free to mention hair metal.

-Ryan Adams, Heartbreaker
-Van Morisson, Astral Weeks
-The National, Alligator
-Paul Simon, Graceland
-The Band, The Band
-The Clash, London Calling

8. Which show on the tour so far has been the most satisfying so far?

Phoenix. It was the night after we sold our van sold to the junkyard and Division Day had to pick us up and bring us to the venue. We were so desperate and stressed out--we threw everything we had into our set.

*MP3: BalconyBirdmonster
*MP3: Cause I Can - Birdmonster
*Video: Cause I Can
*Birdmonster’s Official Site and MySpace