Help Rehab Fort Reno Stage on Saturday

From the friends of Fort Reno...

What: Fort Reno Stage Rehab
When: Saturday May 13. Noon-6 pm
Where: Fort Reno Park (the corner of chesapeake and nebraska) Three blocks from the tennleytown metro, across the street from Wilson High School.
Why: to prevent musicians from falling through saggy rotten floorboards

Time to pry away the rotten mouldy (and this year moderately charred...thank you class of '08 arsonists where ever you are...) and rehab the fort reno stage.
I'm breaking the schedule down this year so you can see approximately what/when stuff is happening. if you think you can lend a hand pulling nails, cutting wood in half, what have you, i urge you to lend a hand.
I'm also including what might be needed equipment wise so if you happen to have any lying about, it might not be a bad idear to bring it along. please note, it is NOT necessary that you have items. we will have stuff...but it never hurts to have many crowbars....also, put your name on stuff. your mom did it with your underwear at camp, you too should do it with your tools.

Please pass this on.
fort reno

Saturday May 13
Noon- 3ish: removal of old wood. ( bring: work gloves, pry bar, crow bar, hammers, vice grips, pliers, drills
3:30-5: Place new lumber down ( bring: eye protection, gloves, drills, chalk line
Cutting/disposing of old lumber: as soon as it comes off the stage
(this will involve circular saws, jig saws, saw horses)
For the actual disposal, the wood will need to be cut into pieces, piled into a truck. I have a dumpster in Mt. Rainier Md. that we can use.
If anyone has a truck and an hour or so and don't mind driving from fort reno to mount rainier maryland, please let me know. that should probably happen around 4:30 or so.
Painting will probably not happen this weekend. if it does, it probably won't happen until 4:30 or so.

Please tell your friends. Preferably those with a good work ethic and a strong back.

Lemonade and cookies will be served.
spread the word.