A Case of the Fridays

Start your day off right with some Adam Richman. “Mary-Anne” is tight and punchy, and if you’re not careful, you just may be singing a certain line from the chorus all day at work. But that’s OK, because it’s Friday. And if you like this song, Adam’s coming back to town next week, playing Jammin Java with Getaway Car on Friday, March 24th. He’d love to see you. And you, too.

And today’s final selection is the gorgeous “Mona Lisa,” by
Guster. Once again, I’m a sucker for a sparse acoustic guitar beginning that slowly builds, layer-by-layer, into soaring choruses. And the vocal harmonies are excellent. Take a listen.

MP3: "Mary-Anne" - Adam Richman
MP3: "Mona Lisa" - Guster