A Case of the Fridays

Still experiencing that Valentine’s Day hangover? Maybe two mp3s will do the trick...

I’ve really liked what I’ve heard so far by British band Hard-Fi. I posted one of their tunes several weeks back, but they’re still rolling ‘em out with their track, “Hard To Beat.” It's got the vocal swagger of the Clash along w/ pulsing eighties beats and a driving guitar riff. It moves. If you like what you hear and like to plan ahead, they’ll be in DC at Black Cat on March 30th.

The second track is “Next To You,” by local band JunkFood, and to put it simply, it rocks. It grabs you right away with its morse-code sound effect and catchy riff, and then sinks its hooks into you for the kill with its sing-along chorus. It’s very tight and well-produced, with an eighties-rock sound, and it’s one of my favorite recent downloads. If you like what you hear, they’ll be at Lulu’s in DC on Saturday, February 25th.

MP3: Hard To Beat - Hard-Fi
MP3: Next To You - JunkFood