A Case of the Fridays

On the menu today we've got two selections. First up is "A Little Better," by Nadine Zahr. She's got a hell of a voice, with some Melissa Etheridge tinges. While the song starts off quiet and acoustic, it slowly builds, using strings and Zahr's expressive voice, to powerful, melodic choruses full of anguish and longing.

Second course is a track by the Doylestown, PA-based Aderbat. "Come Love" features delicate soaring vocals and swooping Brit-flavored guitar lines. It's got that mellow Coldplay/less-experimental Radiohead vibe going. And they'll be coming to Galaxy Hut in April, for those of you who like to plan verrrry far ahead.

MP3: A Little Better - Nadine Zahr
MP3: Come Love - Aderbat