MySpace Monday #4: Special Holiday Weekend Edition

Gist - Diesel City
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It's not Monday, but the Thanksgiving holiday has provided me with a nice opportunity to catch up on things here and post a special edition MySpace Monday column. Consider this next week's column a few days early...or the last couple of Monday's columns a little late.

If you're in town for the holiday weekend, you can check out a couple songs from the new Gist CD, Diesel City, on the D.C. band's MySpace page ("Asunder" is my personal favorite from the ones I've heard off the new CD) and then head down to the Black Cat on Saturday night (11/26) for the official release party for the new disc. Sentai and The Hint open this mainstage show, which starts at 9pm and costs $8. Check them out on MySpace: [Gist] [Sentai] [The Hint]

When IOTA owner Stephen Negrey, or anyone on the staff there, tells me to check out an artist, I listen. They've introduced me to a number of great acts over the years and I got to check out another of his recommendations, Rose, for the first time when I played IOTA's Hurricane Relief Benefit in October. Rose's voice is haunting and it's coming from someplace else, somewhere not every singer finds. You can check out a few of her tracks on MySpace, but a live show is needed to really do it justice. She'll be at IOTA on December 5, with Michael Fracasso and Mark Charles, another artist I really enjoyed catching at the IOTA Hurricane Relief Benefit last month. It's an 8:30pm show with a $10 cover. Check them out on MySpace: [Rose] [Michael Fracasso] [Mark Charles]

Honor By August
D.C.'s Honor By August has something that not every young band does, a true fanbase. As their show at Staccato last weekend made obvious, this is not just a band that has their Moms, Dads and co-workers coming out to make the room look full. They have people up front singing the words, shouting out for songs and looking like the type of people who will bring friends to the next show. Honor By August returns to the 9:30 Club on December 9, opening for Kenin and State Radio. It's a $15 show. Check them out on MySpace: [Honor By August] [Kenin] [State Radio]

Mike Maloney
Earlier in the week, on this very blog, there was a post about some changes at the IOTA open mic. The new host for the weekly Wednesday night event is former Morris frontman Mike Maloney, who has a MySpace page fittingly called "say it with me: open! mic! nite!" On December 12, Maloney plays an IOTA show with Brandon Butler and The Sounds Of Kaleidoscope. Check them out on MySpace: [Mike Maloney] [The Sounds of Kaleidoscope] Brandon Butler does not have a MySpace page, as far as I know. Go buy yourself a copy of his disc "Killer On The Road". "Sparks" is one of my favorite songs of the last year. Order the album online at this link or click here to launch the album's iTunes page.