Wammie Nomination Ballots Out

The 2005 Wammie nomination ballots went out in an e-mail to WAMA members today. Along with links to an online ballot and information about the nomination process, there was also an invitation to members of the media to participate:
"In an effort to expand the reach of the nominations, WAMA will accept nominations from certain non member experts and members of the press on our media list. We have done this in the past and we've decided to reinstate this process."
The email went on to tell members:
"the more people who participate, the more representative the results. Your nominations are very important. Even if you are only familiar with a handful of artists in just a few categories, send in your ballot - it counts. Sometimes only a few votes can make the difference of an artist being added to the final ballot."
And it continued with some guidance on self-nominations:
"...it takes many nominations to have your name placed on the final ballot. One nomination or a few nominations is not enough to qualify for the final ballot. Many people who nominate themselves receive only one or two nominations and therefore do not qualify for the ballot. Those nominations could have been put to better use. Do you have a realistic chance to be a nominee? If not, nominate the artist(s) you believe have made the most significant career gains. Your nomination could possibly be the deciding vote for another nominee. That will go a long way toward maintaining the integrity of the voting process. WAMA strongly encourages you to nominate more than just yourself."
A PDF version of the ballot is available for download here from the WAMA site. Anyone can still join the organization and submit a nomination ballot. Membership information is available here.

Also, any D.C. area artist who released a recording between October 1, 2004 and September 30, 2005 can register their product in the WAMA Product Registry. While a product does not have to be submitted to that list to be nominated for a Wammie, WAMA has put that list together for voters to use as a guide. To view the list of products that have been registered thus far, click here. For more information on this, you can also refer to the "Register Your D.C. Music" story that was posted here on MetroMusicScene.com on October 16.