Time For A Name Change

Even though the name of this site has been ArlingtonMusicScene.com for almost five years now, it's been a long time since it served just the scene in Arlington, Virginia. In fact, even early on, this site attracted musicians from many parts of the D.C. area and the information posted here on the blog and in the Yahoo Group has often been about more than just what's happening in Arlington.

Sometimes the name ArlingtonMusicScene.com has caused confusion as, occasionally, people will post something to the Yahoo Group and ask if it's ok for them to participate even though they "don't live in Arlington." It is definitely ok for anyone to participate, even if you don't live in Arlington, and this site needs a name that better describes what this site is: a source for music news and community for the whole D.C. Metro Area.

And so, this site will now be called MetroMusicScene.com. In the short-term (and maybe the long-term), not much will change as far as the appearance of the site, but it now has a name that's a better fit. So, thanks for reading this, thanks to everyone who keeps this site going, and you may now go about your regular reading and message posting just as you always have.

ArlingtonMusicScene.com will still point here for a while, but eventually that will stop. Please update any bookmarks, links, etc.