The Future of Music Policy Summit is Fast Approaching

Moving into its fifth year in 2005, the Future of Music Coalition Policy Summit is a forum for musicians, lawyers, academics, policymakers and music industry executives to come together to discuss and debate some of the most contentious issues surrounding digital technology, artists’ rights and the current state of the music industry.

It's still not too late to register for this year's Policy Summit, which will take place from September 11-13th at George Washington University's Lisner Auditorium in Washington D.C. Artist scholarships will be offered. Regular registration prices are $149 for a three-day pass and $99 for one-day pass. Discounted registration rates for students will be $99 for a three-day pass and $66 for a one-day pass.

Recently confirmed panelists include legendary funkmaster, George Clinton, and potential panel topics range from sampling, Grokster, Payola, and distribution issues to podcasting, indecency/censorship, and how technology is affecting less commercially visible genres of music.

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