FMC Launches HINT: Health Insurance Navigation Tool

Are you a musician? Do you need advice or information about health insurance? You're not alone.

A 2001 Future of Music Coalition survey of almost 3,000 musicians revealed that the complicated process of obtaining health insurance overwhelmed many of them. FMC has teamed up with Alex Maiolo and Chris Stephenson to create HINT: the Health Insurance Navigation Tool. The goal of this project is to provide informed, rocker-friendly support and advice to curious musicians who need information about health insurance, for free.

The process is simple. Send a health insurance related question via email to Alex & Chris and they will call you back to discuss your insurance needs. All calls will be confidential. FMC will collect summary data on the insurance needs of musicians so that it can better understand how to effectively work towards providing health insurance for artists in the future.

Watch for the official unveiling of the full-service HINT website very soon. For now, visit: You can also visit Alex at the upcoming FMC Policy Summit in DC.